The Ace Hardware located at 1500 Pittsburgh St in Cheswick,PA is closing.
According to president Chuck Bickel, the store in Cheswick will close its doors on November 27, 2019. The store will be consolidating with a store also own by the fix-it corporation located just up the street in Oakmont at 666 Allegheny River Blvd.
The Cheswick store has been in this location for more than a decade.
“The black and white of it is it’s not profitable,” Bickel said Tuesday. “We certainly have tried many things. Investment in different product lines, in different categories. We’re just not able to generate enough sales traffic to afford to pay its own way.” according to an interview by the Trib.
They will consider bulk purchases of items such as electrical items, plumbing items and fixtures. Bolt and fasteners will also be available to purchase in bulk.
fix-it will not be closing or consolidating any of the other 11 stores located in Duncansville, Greentree,Oakmont,Dillsburg,Mercer,Grove City,Everett,Tyrone,Brookville,DuBois and Huntingdon
“Of all the decisions I’ve had to make in my life, this is certainly one of the most difficult,” Bickel said of the Cheswick store. “At some point we just have to realize we can’t afford to keep it open.”
Cheswick employees five team members who where told they can continue working at the Oakmont location.
For business customers who shopped the Cheswick location, delivery will be available to your location from the Oakmont,PA store. Visit and search business accounts for details.
The company advised anyone with questions to call 814-695-9840