Ace fix-it Hardware Diy:Christmas Light Displays for Beginners

Coming up with the perfect light or holiday display for your yard and budget is right at the tips of your fingers with Ace-fix-it. We offer a vast selection of lights, supplies to make outdoor and indoor displays and the tools that will make your life easier while creating them.

  1. Choose a budget. Light and decor displays can range from $50-$50,000 or more. As a beginner we recommend not spending more than needed. But, that is up to you!

  2. Chose your lights. We offer a vast selection in our stores and online here

  3. Are you planning to cover the bushes, trees? They make lights for those. They are call net lights and are a real time saver. We offer those here

Plan how you want this to look. Do you want only lights on the ground, in the trees, on the house. Or everywhere?

We offer gutter clips that will make hanging the lights on the ridges of your home, way easier than the old way of stapling them to the house.

You may also need a ladder depending on whether you decide to hang them high up the trees and on the top parts of the house. We recommend Werner for its years of trusted manufacturing.

You may also decide to make your own arches with led strip lighting or drive way arches or even flag pole Christmas trees. We offer all of the pex pipe, PVC pipe and fittings to make this job easy.

To make an easy driveway arch, start out with two 1"x10' sticks of PVC pipe. You will also need a coupler to join the pieces. You will need two 2' pieces of rebar. Drive the rebar into the yard on the two sides of driveway you want to cover. Wrap your lights around the PVC pipe or zip tie them, put the first end of pipe over the rebar on one side of the driveway. Then do the same to the other side.

Now you just repeat this process as many times as you want. This Pinterest poster added red electrical tape to his to make them candy canes.

You can make smaller arches for the yard using pex white 1/2 or 3/4 inch pipe. The pex pipe is thinner, so you can run the lights in the inside of the pipe, or if you are good with electronics, add RGB LED strip lights and wire them to a controller. We would save those for the more advanced holiday decorations guys.

Below you will find a simple video guide on beginner's decorations.

PVC Pipe Tree:

To Make this you will need 4-5 3/4in PVC sticks 4-6 PVC couplers

A set of lights in that can go up and down the pole spread out.

A PVC Cap 3/4 inch

A round flat piece of plastic with holes drilled into it.

Garden cloth staples.

Zip ties

You can do this a number of ways. First, you will want to put the PVC cap on a stick of PVC, then center the round piece of plastic and screw it into the PVC cap. Pre drilling this with a smaller bit will make this easier.

Next, dig a hole in the yard about 1.5 ft. deep, next place a PVC stick into it and fill in. For the bottom, you can either make a circle using the extra PVC sticks and Couplers or, just stake the lights using garden cloth staples.

Run you row of lights up to the top of the pipe and zip tie them to the plastic circle. The run back to the ground and stake them with a garden staple. Repeat this the whole way around the pipe creating a tree.

There are multiple videos on showing how to make these way higher than 8.5 ft if you wish to do so.


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