We have compiled a list of funny, strange and bizarre items you may find when shopping Ace Hardware Online!

Losta Lites Christmas Light Necklace-Can’t hide this holiday spirit! Classic oversized light bulbs with three different flash functions. Batteries included. Ships in free display. This kooky holiday necklace will surely bring a smile.

SUDSKI Shower Beer Holder-No suction cups, adhesives or wall mounts are needed, and it won’t leave any residue behind. The silicone SUDSKI securely grips to glossy surfaces like glass, mirror, marble, metal, shiny tiles, and laminate using a patented technology. Revolutionary space-age drainage system. Please note: This product is not intended for use on stone and other unglazed tiles. Grip works best on smooth, glass-like surfaces. Do not use with glass bottles.

Groove Life Aspire Multicolored Women’s Wedding Band-Stand out among the crowd with your Groove Aspire Ring. Our Aspire collection is our most creative collection yet, featuring bold patterns that are sure to get you and your ring noticed. Our unique and colorful Twilight Blossom design keeps you looking great while taking on whatever life throws at you. Our cutting-edge Groove technology is designed to allow breathability and comfort on a whole new level. Our high elastomer blend provides maximum durability while allowing flexibility that you can’t find anywhere else. This ring is perfect for women of all lifestyles looking to make a statement with their wedding band.

Worlds Smallest Lincoln Logs-Bring home this 103 year old National Toy Hall of Fame member today! The World’s Smallest Lincoln Logs will easily travel for play on the go!

Uncle Bob’s Ugly Bottle Sweater-Tacky knits make the perfect gifts! Spruce up your favorite wine bottles with designs straight out of the attic. Christmas-spirited styles that are so wacky you just have to love

Bug-A-Salt Pump Shotgun 3.0-The Bug-A-Salt 3.0 is specifically tailored to the needs of the more serious fly hunter. Those who are fluent in weaponry & gun handling will appreciate custom improvements such as the cross-bolt safety, trigger redesign and Patridge sight (not to be confused with the bird, sight is named after the famous rifleman Patridge). We are very proud of this new, insect lethal edition to our family. However, we must warn that instead of leaving flies whole for easy cleanup, it may splatter them. Lorenzo also assures the 3.0 model greatly increases odds for in-flight takedown.

Crazy Aaron’s Liquid Glass Thinking Putty-Just like its name implies, Liquid Glass Thinking Putty® is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This crystal-clear creation is so transparent that the tin often appears empty to the naked eye. Great for pranking friends, learn how! Liquid Glass® flows and moves differently than other Thinking Putty because of its unique formulation and will turn cloudy when handled. Put it back in the tin, close the lid, and it will be back to crystal clear in no time.

Hog Wild Unicorn Squeeze Popper- Squeeze, pop and repeat-endlessly! The Unicorn Popper comes with 6 soft, rainbow-colored, foam balls that launch from its mouth when you squeeze its belly. Squeeze harder and they’ll fly up to 20′! Safe inside or outside, with a handy net carry case. Mom and Dad, be ready, the laughter is about to begin.

Playmonster Stinky Pig Game-Poke Stinky Pig’s belly to hear him sing, and then roll the die to see which way to pass him. Do it fast and pass him left, pass him right, roll again but hurry before he toots! If you’re holding Stinky Pig when he passes gas, you must take a token. But then keep playing quickly and the player with the fewest tokens in the end wins! For 2 or more players.

Brightz LED Multicolored Cooler Lights-Light up your cooler with Cooler Brightz! Your guests will be amazed at your entertaining prowess when your cooler lights from within. It’s perfect for nighttime deck parties, pool parties, camping outings, or trips to the beach. They’re waterproof and reusable and come in an assortment of colors. Get one of each and make your cooler the coolest!

Barbuzzo Revolver Egg Shaper-Show’em who’s the new sheriff in town as you un-holster breakfast! Works with pancakes as well! Eat up! Use in your kitchen-corral or your favorite campsite.

Barbuzzo Hoop Shots Game-Line up your best shot with Sport ShotsTM! Your athletic success determines who takes a shot with these folding and portable tabletop sports games. These small but power-packed games are perfect for both home and travel, and are available in Basketball and American Football. Includes two 2 oz / 60 ml shot glasses.

Barbuzzo T-Rex Tea Holder Infuser-The T-Rex was the most feared predator in history, now it is the most feared tea infuser! This T-Rex Tea Infuser is not going to eat you, but it will continue to be the topic of conversation until the extinction of tea infusers.

Barbuzzo DIY Drinking Straws-Bring out your child’s inner creativity by constructing an endless array of twists and turns to build a 3-dimensional super straw. Create an endless array of twists, turns and 3-dimensional splits until your simple summer drink looks more like a plumber re-piped a skyscraper! Includes 2 different sizes of straws and 10 connectors that go in every possible direction.

Barbuzzo Bombs Away Bath Tub Stopper-Mine your bath with the Bomb Stopper and having a bath will be a blast! Don’t worry, this bathtub stopper won’t really detonate, but it will keep your water from diffusing down the drain before you’re ready.

Barbuzzo Wash N Roar Dinosaur Showerhead-The Wash’n Roar Showerhead(tm) gives your shower-time a Jurassic touch! Kids and dino-enthusiasts will love watching the T-rex spew water from its mouth.

Barbuzzo Tricerataco Dinosaur Taco Holder-Kids love dinosaurs, and kids love tacos. Spark their imagination and love of both by combining the two! Triceratops is a taco holder!

MID Weight Magnetic Finger Glove-No more struggling trying to hold a small metal object like a nut, screw or pin. Slips like a glove onto your index finger allowing you to reach places where a tool can’t possibly reach.

Duke Cannon Budweiser Cedarwood Scent Beer Soap-Duke Cannon has never ordered a chocolate martini at a ball game and he’s never capped off a 12-hour workday by cracking open a prosecco. Instead, Duke Cannon celebrates the simple wins in life by raising an amber glass bottle filled with a quality lager commonly known as the King of Beers. Duke Cannon honors the authentic American values of freedom and ambition by partnering with Budweiser to add a hint of their beer to our large bricks of military-inspired soap.

Kid Toyz Redneck Shotgun Toilet Plunger-Shotgun-shaped Real Working Plunger

Flippy Fish Cat Toy-Keep your cat entertained for hours! Flippity Fish™ is the amazingly realistic cat toy that flips, flops and wiggles – just like a real fish! The realistic movement helps promote exercise and fun interactive play, which can reduce stress and bad behavior. Best of all, Flippity Fish™ is rechargeable and has a refillable pouch for you to add catnip

Joie Flamingo Sink Strainer- Joie’s Sink Drain Strainer, also called a basket strainer, keeps sinks free from clogged drains. The mesh strainer allows water to flow through freely and keeps out unwanted bits of food and debris. No more fishing jewelry and other small objects from the drain. Great for all sink drains, including the kitchen sink, bathroom, laundry, and workshop utility sinks, even garbage disposals. Whimsical, yet useful gadgets and gizmos make cleaning easier and bring more joy to the task. These fun and functional sink accessories make clever gifts, too. Great for doing chores for kids and people of all ages. Joie’s sink strainer won’t rust. Easy to use, simply place it into the sink trap to catch debris. Empty it, as needed, and rinse clean. Hand wash with warm, soapy water when necessary.

Blue Resin Fish Watering Can-Making a splash at a garden near you, our .75-gallon fish-shaped watering can, makes watering your plants super-duper fun. There are only a few others who know water as well as fish, so as you blaze the trail from the garden to the pool to the beach, this watering can will show you the ins and outs of water and will surely enjoy travelling along with the you. Using this watering can is a perfect way to show the fam the joy in bringing water to your plants. Explain how water, sunlight, and soil helps plants grow! The fish watering can also be a fun piece to add to your aquatic or nautical décor. Give a person a fish watering can and you have taught them to water plants for a lifetime!

Back To Roots Garden In A Can-Everything you need to grow your own fresh windowsill garden year ’round! This Indoor Gardening Essentials Bundle comes with 6 organic grow kits to grow your own mushrooms, chili pepper, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint and cilantro! It’s the easiest way to get an indoor garden started this Spring & Summer – and with everything included, there’s no green thumb, big backyard or heavy soil & shovels required! Just add sun & water.

Gemmy Animated Mummy Hand Candy Bowl-Entertain your guests with this animated candy bowl. Perfect for trick-or-treaters. When they reach for candy, the bowl animates.

Union Products Zombie Flamingos-A little creepy and a whole lot of fun, the Union Products Black Zombie Flamingos in display box 2 count will make a big impression among your Halloween decorations. This set gives you two zombie flamingos with black bodies, vein texturing, snarling white teeth and blood red eyes. Made to last, the lawn ornaments are fabricated out of high density polyethylene and rest on rust resistant galvanized metal legs. The plastic has been UV-stabilized to reduce the risk of fading with age

Multicolor Latex Pig Dog Chew Toy-The Multipet 9 inch latex polka dot goblet pig dog toy is a unique toy will keep your dog entertained for hours of exciting play. This toy is uniquely crafted with raised green polka dots and soft spikes that protrude from its body to give your dog unique sensations when biting down on the toy to hear its unique noise. Instead of using a typical squeaker, this toy makes a realistic pig noise when compressed to give your dog an exciting change of pace.

Duck Puppies Duct Tape-Available in a trendy assortment of patterns and designs, Printed Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape is the simple solution for your toughest and most creative craft or DIY projects. Use Duck Tape prints to enhance your latest fix around the house, decorate and customize your space or even make a colorful wallet or rose. Offering the same trusted quality and durability as the original Duck Brand Duct Tape, it’s the perfect medium for repair, crafting, decorating and fashion projects.

Alpine Polyresin Garden Statue Green Caterpillar With Solar Eyes-Add a whimsical and playful look to your outdoor decor with Alpines animated sculptures. These durable statues are crafted with life-like details that bring a special touch to your indoor and outdoor decor. These captivating animal replicas will be a true refreshment and a real delight to any passerby. Whether you use this as a decoration in your garden, on the patio, on your deck or near the entranceway in front of your home, Alpine’s sculptures are sure to bring a playful and inviting atmosphere, while leaving a long-lasting impression.

Anti Monkey Butt Anti Friction Powder-Specially formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation. Use before exercising or may be used after shower, bath or exercise. For temporary relief from pain and itching associated with chaffing and rashes.

Joie Watcher Steam Pot Vent-Keeping an eye on your pot to release steam. BPA free. Controls moisture while cooking.